18 July 2014
 July 18, 2014
Category: News & Events

When we started our social media wing, most of the people were very skeptical about this media and everybody was like “Why should I waste money in Facebook?” But we kept moving searching for until we find our perfect client Samsung Mobile Bangladesh.

We started all the crazy things we could do. We started making campaigns, developing games, driving sales, handling customers’ grudge, playing prank on celebs, making people’s wish come true…..and doing all that, we fell in love with this brand.

Today, we can proudly say that, Samsung Mobile Bangladesh won the award of “Best use of Social Media Marketing” in World Brand Congress 2014 (which is the 2nd highest prestigious award in marketing in the world) in the category “Best practice in Social Media Marketing”. This is the first time a Bangladeshi brand is winning.

This is surely the best achievement we could ever have but guess what, let’s not stop dreaming. Let’s aim for Cannes.

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